Add a letter and accept.

That four letter word
that we all think we’ve had
brings prismatic happy
and shattering sad.

Take comfort in knowing
one day it gets better
As time keeps on flowing
extended one letter.

To love is to cherish,
to trust and to hold.
Clearly and dearly
vulnerable and bold.

Loved is remembered
sometimes for the best
but never as important
with time laid to rest.

When did I lose you?

Scrape what you need
Tear me apart
This ?-ship was doomed
right from the start

I have nothing left
That you don’t possess
Or could not obtain
From men more or less.

I just need to go
to cut the cord
But misery’s such
A deep pit to befall

Leave me now
And stop to say hi
The crippling wind
Is absent goodbye.